• OWOZ. ---When slightly lifted head, it is easy to install and disassemble. Owoz consists of up and down part.After strap and canvas are placed, to combine the head and washer to lock both strap and canvas securely.  Install the lower part tightly on the surface of the object and then fasten the lower part with upper part and finally the installation is complete.

    Product Name Owoz
    Material Brass / Stainless steel
    Standard 28.5*13.5 CM
    Surface Plating
    Color Nickel /Chrome /Black Chrome
    Certificate Rosh
    Maximum load-bearing capacity >1200 N

Customers requirements

According to customers' different requirements, we produce two different OWOZ in

different thickness, one is the regular one, 2.5mm; the other is thicker one, 7.5mm